WAIT! STOP! Before you start thinking, “Oh great! Just another “vanilla” boring unboxing blog!” - let me reassure you that nothing I do is vanilla, like ever! I have always heard about FabFitFun (FFF) and have seen the countless pictures of influencers posing in front of strategically perfect boxes. But I never actually cared enough to stop and listen or look – it just wasn’t my thing. I find when people are linked to a brand, they fluff the hell out of everything and are so corny to watch, that it is actually unbearable. Fast forward to my Instagram account growing some legs and my “reviews” leading the way to some really cool branding opportunities and boom... here I come FFF! I was excited for this review because A) I read all sorts of comments (good and bad) on people’s opinions on their boxes and B) I love random gifts especially when it comes to beauty products.

              What the hell is a FabFitFun box? It is a seasonal box (you kinda, sorta pick what you want) of full sized products spanning from beauty, fashion and fitness. You go to the site (CLICK HERE) and choose which products you prefer or would generally lean more towards, and they curate the box for you. You then receive a box per season. The products are valued at over $200 but with my code “DANIELLECABRAL” your first box comes to ONLY $39.99 (save $10).

              Now, onto the real reason you’re reading this… did I like it? In short, YES - I did! You can watch my full “non-vanilla” unboxing video HERE. Actually, I really really enjoyed opening the Winter 2020 box and going through all the goodies. I also listed the products I received below along with their retail value, and you know what? -  I made out like a bandit! So, I'd say, go for it! Treat yourself-- because it’s like receiving a present when you least expect it.

Here is what was in my Winter 2020 box:

Summer & Rose Cozy Robe Retail Price $70

 LeLe Sadoughi Red Velvet Headband Retail Price $49
(I butcher her name in my review video, sorry LeLe!)


Beautaniq Beauty Revitalising Eye Gels Retail Price $25
Tula Glow & Get It Retail Price $30
Aesthetica Liquid Eyeliner Retail Price $24
Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm Retail Price $68

 B-Low The Belt Croc Card Case Retail Price $35



YOU PAY: $39.99 with my code DANIELLECABRAL


     Honestly, I had no idea of the value of all my goodies until I wrote this blog. That is insane! 

Check out the site HERE for yourself (my code is already included in the link).

You can also see my video review HERE.

    - I hope this helped with your Fab-Fit-Fun curiosity! My experience has been awesome. I hope you'll join and feel the same way!



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